Coronavirus may be the Wakeup Call we needed

If you’re looking for inspiration to change, look no further than our frontline health workers who are making the selfless decision to help others every day, writes paramedic Paul Spinks. For the last 16 years I have been walking into people’s homes dealing with all kinds of medical illnesses and contagions. Sometimes people’s conditions are

Star Casino on the Gold Coast

star casino gold coast

After a busy few weeks at Glencore Mines I returned home to present at the Star Casino on the Gold Coast to the Queensland Mining Industry. I was reminded on my way out why I do this when one guy stopped me the hall way and said “Mate I just wanted to say you saved

What we should learn from the rise of Ash Barty

ash barty tennis player

I was watching an Ash Barty press conference during Wimbledon and what caught my attention was the question around advice for Naomi Osaka, the young Japanese player who seems to have lost her love of tennis. Barty responded that we’re all on a different journey and that what worked for her might not necessarily work

Mental Health Days – coming to a workplace near you

mental health days

There is a new workplace term and that is ‘mental health day’ – a day to recover from the impact of stresses, overload and burn out. This day does not have to be work related and may stem from work, home, life or a combination of all three. So, is there really any substance in

A very responsive crowd at Gladstone Power QLD

Gladstone Power QLD

Thanks to all who attended today’s Safety and Leadership Forum with guest speaker Paul Spinks. Paul shared his real life stories and delivered a series of powerful messages and lessons that we can put in practice to reconnect with our mental health and family members mental health.   If you would like to view Paul’s

When it comes to mental health, our leaders are failing us

mental health

Election campaigns seem to go forever with neither leader overly keen to answer questions, but rather make statements and get that 10 second grab for the nightly news. This can leave many frustrated as they desperately seek to find a reason to pick one side over the other. If they cannot choose, they may well

4 Million Allergy Sufferers and Rising

allergy sufferers

Allergies occur when a person’s immune system reacts to substances in the environment that are harmless for most people. These substances are known as allergens and are found in dust mites, pets, pollen, insects, ticks, molds, foods and some medicines. The symptoms include sneezing, hives, runny nose, itchy eyes, skin rash, stomach pains, swelling of the lips, face,

Pill testing is legalisation of illicit drugs

The push to permit testing of illicit drugs at music festivals is a form of legalisation, where drug users and pushers are essentially given a free hand to use and distribute an illegal product.

Teenage girl lands in rehab after compulsively watching YouTube

A story out of the US of a teenage girl having to go into rehab, after becoming addicted to YouTube, should have all of us sit and take notice and end the ongoing debate of whether online addiction is real and should be included into the ‘bible’ of mental illness, known as the DSM.