Life Lessons Learned from our darkest hours


With two decades of experience as a Rural and Remote Ambulance Paramedic and Trauma Counsellor, Paul Spinks insights into the human struggle are both poignant and profound. His dynamic career trajectory, from commercial pilot to international safety seminar facilitator, uniquely equips him to deliver a potent and thought-provoking message about how we navigate the intricacies of our daily lives and businesses.

Spinks stands as a living testament to the impact of life spiralling out of control, he has borne witness to the profound consequences of such turmoil. Drawing from his personal journey, imparts a powerful and authentic message that resonates deeply. His narratives are rooted in real-life cases, offering an unfiltered view from the treating chair of an ambulance.

Spinks delves into the heart of what catalyses change. His engaging inquiries challenge individuals to reevaluate their perspectives. The core message emphasizes approachability, vulnerability, and the profound lessons derived from life's darkest hours.

His journey has unveiled the stark realities of mental health challenges, inspiring a call to action. As an international speaker, he has been summoned by multinational corporations seeking wisdom and solutions to reverse spirals, optimise human potential, and foster self-worth.

When was your last normal?

The central question posed in his presentations echoes with urgency: "When was your last normal?" The recognition that a life crisis can strike anyone, regardless of their status, wealth, or position, propels his message. In a society fixated on success, he probes the very essence of our existence - the connection to our loved ones and the world around us.
“Illness is an evolution both physical and mental,’’ Spinks says,”12 million Australians now have one or more chronic illness brought about by lifestyle choices. 80% of all ED admissions now have a stress related component.”

The presentation beckons a collective transformation, urging his audiences to play a vital role in supporting each other through challenging times and recognising the warning signs for early intervention. Spinks underscores that a new approach is imperative preparing us with the tools from preventing sudden heart attack to micromanaging our mental health into oblivion.

If you are seeking a grass roots, no BS motivational session that defies conventional inspiration, unravels preconceptions and cuts through all the noise, this is a must-see life changing presentation.

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About Paul


Driven by a desire to change public perception around the growing impacts of mental health and how we as a society are micro-managing ourselves sick, Paul is regularly called upon as a professional speaker to talk about these important issues.

Paul’s experience in the field of mental health is unquestioned, with his background as a paramedic and trauma counsellor helping him to build trust with his audience and adding great weight to the message he delivers.


Companies often spend thousands on keynote speakers and seminars to raise awareness and inspire, but way too often the message only hangs around for a few days, maybe some weeks before old habits prevail. What if we could change that status quo?

"people think I’m at Traffic accidents 24/7,
but most of my time is dealing with self inflicted issues.
drugs, alcohol, depression, suicide."

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Department of Education and Training

I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding talk yesterday which has undoubtedly had a profound impact on attendees.

Queensland Government

Paul is one of the most inspiring people I have listened to in a long time, and I guarantee he will get your attention and truly challenge you to consider your mental health.

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If you’re looking for a speaker or keynote for your next conference or seminar that is guaranteed to put a different spin on all things leadership, motivation and inspiration and a message that won’t wash off a week later, then Paul will deliver a remarkable and timely message to all of us.

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