Life Lessons Learned from our darkest hours

As a paramedic and trauma counsellor Paul Spinks has been in people’s lounge rooms at their darkest hours, giving him unique insights into the challenges we all face in dealing with our declining health, both mentally, physically and our emotional connection with the world around us.

As an international speaker, Paul has been called upon by multinational corporations to share his wisdom and solutions on reversing the spiral, maximising human performance, growth and self-worth.

When was your last normal?

A life crisis can happen to anyone regardless of position, wealth or stature. What is the point of success if we lose ourselves in the process and the connection to the things and people we love?

Life lessons come in many forms, but have never been told like this. Most inspirational presentations wash off after a few days, this one will last a lifetime.

Mental Health and Wellness. Resilience. Leadership and Innovation

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Driven by a desire to change public perception around the growing impacts of mental health and how we as a society are micro-managing ourselves sick, Paul is regularly called upon as a professional speaker to talk about these important issues.

Paul’s experience in the field of mental health is unquestioned, with his background as a paramedic and trauma counsellor helping him to build trust with his audience and adding great weight to the message he delivers.


Companies often spend thousands on keynote speakers and seminars to raise awareness and inspire, but way too often the message only hangs around for a few days, maybe some weeks before old habits prevail. What if we could change that status quo?

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“people think I’m at Traffic accidents 24/7,
but most of my time is dealing with
self inflicted issues.
drugs, alcohol, depression, suicide.”

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Department of Education and Training

I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding talk yesterday which has undoubtedly had a profound impact on attendees. We are receiving constant feedback about how amazing the launch was.

There’s no doubt you were the perfect choice to assist us change the perception of our staff wellbeing program from the ‘nice to have/optional extra’ to something that’s fundamentally essential to our core business – which is delivery the best quality education outcomes to Queensland children and families.

I will share your information with attendees and I’m sure there will be numerous requests following this.


I sent this internally and was suggested I send to you,

I don’t think I can recall a more engaging presentation in my working career. Paul had everybody engaged early with his courage to share very personal experiences.

The Networks folk at 271 Collins in Melbourne were moved to applause at the end of the session, (even though the session was one a one way comms scenario).

There was plenty of discussion after the session and I expect there will plenty more at homes tonight.

I chalked up 25 years at Optus a few months ago and fair to say I was impressed.

Keep up the great work!

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Paul Spinks
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